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Hair Transplant Clinic

Our state-of-the-art facility at Dr. Y V Rao’s Center for Hair Transplant in Hyderabad, India, is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss in men and women. Hair transplant surgery is performed using the cutting edge Follicular Unit Transplantation Strip method (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques. Book an appointment with one of the most experienced and best hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad. Do not forget to take a prior appointment to reduce the waiting time.


Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Cosmetic surgery is one of the rapidly advancing medical specialties. Our aim is to provide a over view of this fascinating branch of medicine, make you aware of the various procedures procedure. Honesty is more important than salesmanship in this field. It is but natural to have high expectations especially, with the exploding information. Do make a visit to one of the top cosmetic surgery clinics in hyderabad served by Dr. Y V Rao again one of the best cosmetic surgeon based on the number of successful cases handled and yesrs of experience.

Hair Transplant Services


Hair Loss

The emotional effects of hair loss are often significantly more distressing on children than on adults. The child suffering from this condition often doesn’t understand the cause and tends to think that there’s just something wrong with him/her. Additionally other children…


Hair Restoration

The area from which the hair is taken is commonly referred to as the horseshoe fringe. It is the hair that extends from behind both ears to the back of the head. Usually, this area is not affected by male-pattern baldness.Once the hair has been extracted, it is transplanted…


Hair Transplant

A hair transplant takes a few sessions to complete. The number of procedures depends upon the extent of your hair loss, the projected hair loss rate, the amount of donor hair you can spare, and other artistic and medical considerations. Men can often have the results…

Cosmetic Surgery Services


Face Procedures

One has to understand the concept that a scar can never be removed totally from the body. It can only be revised and made least visible with proper precautions. Scar revision is the name given to correct a scar.


Breast Procedures

May women do have minor or major problems with breasts, but unwilling to discuss about them for various reasons. They silently suffer from the problem till a stage comes when they find it.


Body Procedures

Various terminologies are in use about fat removal. But all boil down to only –removal of excess fat from the body, with or without fat refilling in areas of depressed regions over the the skin-ultimately.


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